Sunday, December 20, 2009

Playstation 3 Information

Last month, Sony had sent kits to develop games for its next console, the PlayStation 3 for the third generation so they can begin to address it. Despite the confidentiality clause imposed by Sony, the information on this kit circulated by unnamed sources.

The first information, not so surprising that the kit is nothing likes a Playstation 3. The components are contained in a large tower more like a tower PC, as was already the case with Sony's previous console, the PS2.

The second revelation is altogether much more crisp as it would appear that the curved box to contain the PS3 would not be wide enough to accommodate a 2.5 hard drive '. All speculations are then permitted, but rather we believe that Sony will soon review the design of the housing of its future console.

Sony, having received numerous complaints about the new design of the “boomerang” controller for the PS3, has decided to retain the look of the Dual Shock controllers PlayStation 2. These levers have been a real success, so this choice seems most appropriate from Sony. The connection of these controllers is of course USB.

The possibilities of the PS3 would develop games more graphically complex than those currently offered on Xbox 360. However, the benefits of the console by Sony do not seem obvious; remember that the quality of a game relies heavily on the quality of development of the title. The selling point of Sony has so little weight.

The battle over the market for next-gen consoles will not be at the raw performance of the machines because they are the same generation. No, the battle will be much more marketing, namely that Microsoft or Sony will have the most exclusives and AAA quality titles on their console.

The fact is that at the output of the PS3, Microsoft and its Xbox 360 will already be established on the market for a good month (excluding Japan), Sony will have to be done to reverse the balance.

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