Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Cheap Playstation 3 Console

Sony breaks the price of his beloved Playstation 3 Console

To boost sales in Europe, the Japanese manufacturer launches October 10 a new model of its gaming console. The Playstation 3 will be sold in cheap price 399 euros and will not be compatible with the PS2 catalog.

The rumored for several days on the World Wide Web. It's now official: Sony revises downward the price of the Playstation 3 on the Old Continent. To reach the rates of its competitors, the Wii, which costs 249 euros, and the Microsoft XBox 360, sold between 279 and 349 euros depending on the version, the Japanese giant introduced a new model of its new generation console. It is sold 399 euros from 10 October.

For this award, players must make some sacrifices. The new PS3 will have a limited storage space to 40 GB, 60 GB cons for the existing console. Side connector, it will have only two USB ports instead of four, and will be without a memory card reader multiformat. Finally, and importantly, the PS3 is not backwards compatible: it is impossible to run games developed for the PS2.

Sony also states that the "Starter Pack", consisting of the PS3 "classic" with a hard disk 60GB, two wireless controllers and two games, will now be cheap priced at 499 euros instead of 599 euros currently. A decline that has already been granted to American players this summer. This model of PS3 will be "offered while supplies last.

According to Emmanuel Forsans, founder of the French Agency for the video game "The absence of rétrocompatiblilité is not a barrier to purchase. Users who want to play with PS2 games will keep their old console to do so. The sole interest of backward compatibility is the practical side, since you do not have to change the connections to go play PS2 games on PS3. But for Sony, this practice was only later at a cost of manufacturing the console. "

The Trojan Horse for Blu-ray

Already, the European model of the PS3 with a 60GB hard gigabytes did not provide complete backward compatibility. Sony had removed some components, compared to units sold in the United States or Japan, not allowing gamers to play with the catalog titles developed for the PS2.

By slashing prices of its console, Sony hopes to sell by the end of the year, over 500 000 in France. At the end of September, just over 200 000 PS3 had been sold on the market hexagonal. Higher sales, lower than expected in Europe, is strategic for the manufacturer. Including its proprietary high-definition video, the PS3 acting as DVD Blu-ray.

"Sony is selling its home console hoping that users will adopt the Blu-ray. The subsidiary Sony Computer Entertainment, which sells game consoles, is the most profitable branch of the Japanese. But all royalties related to sales of all Blu-ray - if the format was adopted by the market - would bring much more to the builder, "Emmanuel Forsans analysis. The PS3 is now one of the Blu-ray decks cheapest markets, the first low-end models starting at 500 euros in Europe.

The reaction of the consortium HD DVD format competitor did not wait. "The price drop of the PS3 will have no impact on the adoption of HD, and Blu-ray specifically. These are players who make the fair market, not game consoles. The console owners buy short films, unlike holders of reader who are film buffs, "said Olivier Van Wynendaele, spokesman for the European HD DVD, while conceding that the development of high definition is linked to Prices readers.

The prices of raw plates Toshiba currently running at around 350 euros. "At the end of the year, with a price of 300 euros, we will enter the" mass market ". The price of players fell from 50% in one year. This is only a matter of months for an HD DVD deck costs 200 euros, "says Olivier Van Wynendaele.

Still, the rise of HD is largely a matter of catalogs. The U.S. majors have opted for either format, thereby depriving the movie fans of any part of works of cinema. One problem the hybrid turntables try to answer.

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