Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Playstation 3 Cost

We can not say that professionals (publishers in mind) as the amateurs have not waited (in vain) that the price of the PlayStation 3 drop. This has never happened before, Sony preferring to maintain the present course of its prices for obvious economic reasons. But things now seem to be viewed from another angle. According to the site Totalvideogames since the launch of the console, the production costs of the PS3 have dropped nearly ... 70% to (finally?) to design an impact of trade prices. Many sources converge more and more towards an impending announcement.

It must be said that rumours were rife in recent months. In fact, if you follow the news video game near you are aware that some PS3 Slim & Lite is in production. Information which was even confirmed by some players in distribution.

To permanently silenced rumours about it, know it altogether would be unveiled at the Sony press conference during the next Gamescom (parlor game in Germany), Tuesday, August 18. Meanwhile, the first sounds of corridors echoed a PS3 Slim & Lite cost offered at 299 € from the back.

We of course keep you informed of the events, which are therefore likely to rush at this Gamescom, which runs from August 19 to 23 next, Cologne (Germany).

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